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For children 3-5 yrs old: Enrolling for Fall 2020

 Mon – Fri 9am – 12pm | 



To nurture your child’s natural curiosity, there is work time each day for your child to choose the area of activity and specific work projects. Our classrooms have a variety of Montessori Materials that invite your child to explore and learn.  Most of the Montessori Materials have extensions, or add ons, that keep them engaged and constantly working toward the next level of accomplishment. 

We encourage the preschool children to try out new work as their interest and abilities expand.  In the classroom there are dozens of choices for work each day.  The materials are rotated to match the seasons and the developing interest of the children.


The Practical Life area gives the children the hands-on experience to improve their skills with the common activities of daily living.

For instance, the works are on trays that are on low shelves. The child selects a work and takes the tray to a table or rug on the floor.

They can also choose whether to work alone or with their friends. When they are finished, they put the work back on the tray and return it to the shelf.

Snack Time

This is one of the most popular activities!  There is so much to learn about eating.  Such as using utensils, selecting amount and serving themselves. Of course, there are also manners and respect. These are the important “learning opportunities”  which develop confidence and teaches self-sufficiency.

The preschool children also practice putting on their own shoes and coats and using buttons and zippers.


Your child will develop more focus and concentration as they choose progressively challenging work in all of the other areas too!

In this positive and rich environment, they develop their natural curiosity and love of learning.

Work with a friend.

There is opportunity each day to work or play individually or with a friend or group.


  • Through all of the activities there is a common theme of respect.
  • They learn to respect and share with their friends.
  • They appreciate and trust their teachers.
  • And they learn how to use and care for the materials and equipment.

NEW EXPANDED Fall 2020 Preschool Schedule and Fees

The Yearly Tuition may be paid in 10 installments ( 1 as a deposit and 9 monthly installments)

Mon-Fri     8:00AM – 8:15 AM     $15 Installments

Mon-Fri     8:15AM – 9:00 AM     $40 Installments

Mon-Fri     9:00AM – 12:00 PM     $495 Installments

Mon-Fri     9:00AM – 2:15 PM     $655 Installments

Mon-Fri     9:00AM – 4:30 PM     $835 Installments

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