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Advanced PreK – Kindergarten: Enrollment Open

Preparing for LIFE…and 1st grade!

Monday – Friday   8:15 AM– 2:15 PM,    $695 / Month

The Kindergarten curriculum is a little more structured than preschool. Even so, there is time for individual work and exploration. However, there is also an emphasis on the children learning to work together on team projects. This gives them the opportunity to practice cooperation and sharing of ideas and things. The teachers are constantly modeling respectful communication and interaction with the children. Quite naturally the children learn to be respectful with each other. In the normal course of the school day they increasing use their social skills and develop friendships.

We recognize that children are hands-on sensorial learners. So, our materials are designed to entice children to follow their natural curiosity in trying new work. As they master more complex tasks, the work itself becomes interesting and rewarding. This helps them to develop self-confidence and esteem in addition to cognitive understanding.

Our goal is to have children who are confidently independent, socially capable, and creatively inspired.

For more information about our immunization records for 2019, click HERE.

Kindergarten Daily Schedule:

8:15 Outside Activities or Indoor Activities Focus: Physical and Social Development
9:00 Group Circle Time Focus: Listening Skills, Language & Literacy Development,

Social & Cultural Enrichment, Introducing Individual Montessori Works

9:35 Shelf Work/Snack/Individual Instruction/Clean-up Focus: Practical life exercises, Language & Literacy Development, Math, Science, History, Geography, Art, and Social/Emotional skills 

10:45 Recess, Outside Activities

11:15 Book Exploration Children have designated time to spend quietly with books 

11:25 Second Circle Focus: Mathematics, Science, Music, Movement & Group Games

11:45 Lunch / Outside Play

12:30 Extended Montessori Work Period 

1:30 Circle and Daily Review 

2:00 Clean up and Outside

2:15 Dismissal

Advanced PreK – Kindergarten Schedule and Fees for 2020-2021 School Year

The Yearly Tuition can be paid in 10 installments ( 1 as a deposit and 9 as monthly installments )

Monday – Friday 8:00AM-8:15AM $ 15 Installments
Monday – Friday 8:15AM – 2:15PM $ 695 Installments
Monday – Friday 8:15AM – 4:30PM $875 Installments