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The “Prepared Environment” Classroom 

Our Montessori preschool classrooms are set up with work areas dedicated to Practical Life, Sensorial, Science, Language, Math, Art, Music, and Geography.  Each study area has worked on the range of simple to complex.  This enables the children to explore their interest in new areas and activities, in a self-directed way. This is a very rich environment for preschool children to learn at their own pace.

The Preschool can be a one or a two-year experience, for ages 3-5. This is such an important time in the development of their minds and learning patterns.  Click here for more info:  Preschool

Our Advanced PreK – Kindergarten class is small and has a low student/teacher ratio.  Click here for more: Kindergarten

The semi-rural location has some extra benefits, such as room for a large playground.

Our daughter has truly flourished at the Little Red Barn. Going to school is something that she looks forward to and she has a great deal to share with us each day on the ride home about her experiences and what she has learned. All of the teachers are truly passionate about early education and are so very dedicated to making sure that the students and parents feel positive and confident about the experience. Sending her to the Little Red Barn was by far the best decision we could have made for her early education.
June McReynolds
June McReynolds
20:44 08 Aug 19
LRB Montessori is my son’s first school and it has been everything we dreamed of and more. The director, Cheryl, and lead teacher Renee have taken great care to beautifully prepare the learning environment for the children to explore, play with friends, and use their brains. It had been such a positive experience for our son! Watching him blossom over the past year and a half has been a joy. He just loves being there. He’s made so many friends. What more can you ask for in a first school experience?
Leah Hall
Leah Hall
04:37 07 Aug 19
I LOVE this preschool! My daughter started attending The Little Red Barn Montessori School last autumn and it has been an incredibly rewarding and transformative journey for her. My daughter is reserved and she didn’t have any prior experience in schools or daycares; therefore, I was apprehensive about her transition from a home environment to a school environment. However, the teachers at LRB are so exceptionally warm, caring, understanding, and nurturing that my daughter fell in love with them immediately.My daughter’s social, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional growth over the past year has been astounding. She has become more independent, knowledgable, respectful, and empathetic. She loves learning and she has made so many friends. The Little Red Barn provides an ideal environment in which children can thrive. She is always extremely excited to go to school and she loves running around the gorgeous play yard. We both cannot wait for her to attend again next year. It truly is the BEST school!
SB Bat
SB Bat
08:42 04 Jun 18
We were looking for a safe, peaceful environment, with loving, kind teachers with a good student to teacher ratio, who would gently push our kids without pressure to grow academically, creatively, socially, and emotionally in these critical years of their development before they go off to public school. We wanted our kids to be excited about school and love going there. Little Red Barn Montessori is everything we wanted! We're finishing up our third year with them (second kid), with plans for three more years with them (to give each of our three kids two years there).It is such a beautiful oasis, surrounded by geese and cows-- who sometimes birth calves in the spring! The teachers are all amazing, sweet, open-minded individuals, patient and adept at dealing with both the shy and spunky kids alike. They are excellent with the Montessori method of teaching; allowing the kids to learn at their own pace, with their own interests guiding them. They grow SO FAST in every direction while they are there.They come home with all kinds of new facts about animals and talking about different countries, singing new songs, and a plethora of fun artwork. They make friends, learn how to work out their problems with others with their words, learn to take turns. They learn how to pump their legs on the swings. They learn to be flexible. They plant in the garden boxes and watch the magic of seeds growing and flowers blooming. They feed the birds and learn to look beyond their own needs to have empathy for others. They go from scribbling to drawing meaningful pictures about their lives and their families. They learn that although they are small, they matter. They call all their peers friends, and thus treat them as such. They learn letters and sounds and shapes and patterns, all wonderful prep for kindergarten. But most of all, they learn to love learning. It is everything that preschool should be.My seven-year-old is still wistful when he thinks about his time there. It really gave him a solid start to his education and self-esteem. My preschooler adores it. And my toddler can't wait to be there; cries every time I try to shuffle her off the playground. It really is a magical place. They fill up very quickly, so call in February if you can to get on the list for the following fall. If they are full, you can be put on a waiting list. They just started doing a summer school this year, which will be a lot of fun, and will use up some of that kid energy in a positive way. Can't say enough good things about this place!
Chelsea S.
Chelsea S.
20:35 15 May 18
Our two boys attended LRB preschool and Kindergarten for two school years and now love school. We have found the teaching staff to care for our children like their own. They let each personality shine while providing structure and guidance throughout the learning process. The quality of education is such that exceeds common public school standards. The Montessori manipulative and wonderful playground are a few of the great things the LRB school environment has to offer. We are sad to make the transition to a new school but are confident that our boys are equipped for first grade because of their experience at LRB.
Milo Smith
Milo Smith
02:37 23 Jun 15
A perfect early learning environment. After nearly 3 years at LRB, we are convinced that allowing children to learn at their own pace and focus on what they are interested in, and developmentally ready for, is the most effective method for building confidence, independence, and intelligence. This is the Montessori way and the teachers at LRB are experts at nurturing children for their individuality and strengths and recognizing when they are ready to take the next step. There are many years ahead for structured curriculum and one size fits all education, but children must first have the skills and confidence as a foundation for immersion into these types of programs.Take advantage of the wonderful program LRB offers and allow them to help prepare your child for success in the mainstream classroom--whether that is elementary school or later, we are confident the LRB has given our son the best foundation possible. LRB provides exposure to all facets of early childhood education-- the arts and sciences, and the world around. Equally important is their commitment to building and fostering a wonderful spirit, respect and kindness for others, and responsibility and pride for self.LRB is located in a quiet country setting and offers small classes, excellent, experienced, and caring staff, a safe environment and a passion for children and learning. Children are offered individual time, group and cooperative time, and plenty of time to play and explore outdoors. Its not a one size fits all school, its a school that fits your child. The school fills up quickly, preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten and enrollment takes place in the spring.
Michael Healy
Michael Healy
05:07 21 Feb 13
I absolutely adore this school. Both of my kids attended LRB, and got so much out of it - fun, loving teachers, great atmosphere and location, etc. My kids were WAY ahead of the game once they started attending traditional elementary school. Would highly recommend LRB to anyone!
Andrea James
Andrea James
21:52 31 Jan 12

5 REASONS parents choose the Little Red Barn Montessori School


Parents love that children have lots of choices and, with guidance, can move around the classroom independently choosing their activities. Our classroom is well stocked with high quality, age appropriate, educational materials. We change the available choices monthly or to correspond with the seasons.


Parents appreciate our location (semi-rural), school building (not too big, not too small), and really BIG playground! Then, inside, they just love our fun learning materials. It is so rewarding to watch their child engage with the unique Montessori Works.


Our playground is BIG, safe and fun. There is actually plenty of room to RUN, and chase, and play tag. It is part of the benefit of the semi-rural location. 

Any child can take some time alone to dig in the sandbox, swing quietly in the sun, or collect acorns dropped from the tree. They can play tag, running from one end of the playground and back again. Physical challenges are available on the climbing structure, slide, and “monkey” bars. The playhouse is great for a few kids to pretend to cook and eat.


Parents appreciate our warm, caring and nurturing teachers. The children feel safe to explore and try out new activities of all kinds. 

Our teachers are also highly skilled. They help the children to select their work each day. They are tuned in to each child’s interest, skills and abilities.


Parents love that we incorporate respect from the 1stday of school.  We teach them to respect their friends (classmates), teachers, and materials at school and they are delighted that we encourage respect for parents, pets and toys at home.


Consistently our teachers watch for the “special learning opportunities”, when a child is right at the edge of their current ability and trying to figure out the part that will put things together for the next level. Our ratio of students to teachers supports individualized growth.

Our staff are dedicated, compassionate and love their work with children. 

Because of the loving guidance and positive reinforcement, the children can explore their interest, expand their abilities and improve their skills. 

The children learn to “play well with others”, listen respectfully (and quietly) while teachers and friends are talking, and learn to make good choices for themselves. 

With this foundation our children will have the confidence, skills and tools necessary to creatively meet future challenges.

If this sounds like a match for you and your child…give us a call at (541)734-8879