Preparation for 1st Grade and a whole lot more!

The Kindergarten curriculum is a little more structured than preschool.
There is an emphasis that Kindergarten age children learn to work together on team projects to promote cooperation, appreciation, respect and social development.
The goal is to have children who are confidently independent, socially capable, creatively inspired, and culturally responsible.

Daily Schedule

8:30    Outside Activities or Indoor Activities  Focus: Physical and Social Development

9:00    Group Circle Time  Focus: Listening Skills, Language & Literacy Development,
Social & Cultural Enrichment, Introducing Shelf Works

9:35    Shelf Work/Snack/Individual Instruction/Clean-up  Focus: Practical life exercises, Language & Literacy Development,  Math, Science, History, Geography, Art, and Social/Emotional skills

10:45    Recess, Outside Activities

11:15    Book Exploration    Children have designated time to spend quietly with books

11:25    Second Circle   Focus: Mathematics, Science, Music, Movement & Group Games

11:45    Outside Play

12:30    Dismissal